How to Play Golf With People You Don't Know

By William McCoy
Playing golf with strangers can be a good way to new playing partners.
Playing golf with strangers can be a good way to new playing partners.

Most people who play golf regularly have faced the prospect of being grouped with people they don't know. This situation is especially common when you play alone or with one other person. The pro shop or starter will create groups of four to expedite play and get more players on the golf course. Having to spend the next few hours with complete strangers can be nerve-racking, but it can also lead to new friendships or a business connection.

Introduce yourself to your new playing partners right away and offer a friendly handshake. Avoiding the other members of your foursome can result in an awkward round.

Seek common ground with one or more members of your foursome by mentioning his attire, clubs or hat. For example, if she is using the same model driver as you, point out this fact and ask her how she likes the driver. If he's wearing a visor with a sports team's logo, try starting a discussion about that team or the sport.

Before hitting your tee shot on the first hole, discuss any ground rules for your round with the other golfers to avoid confusion or arguments later on. If the other golfers are new to the course and you have played it before, offer some tips on certain holes.

Note the behavior of the other golfers on the first few holes. If they are chatty, engage them in conversation. If they are quiet and prefer to keep to themselves, avoid unnecessary banter.

Exchanging phone numbers or email addresses with the other golfers following the round, if you enjoyed playing together, or ask them if they want to meet up for another round at a later date.

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