Places to Buy Golf Supplies

By Robert Preston
A golfer should never head out onto the course without the proper tools of the trade.
A golfer should never head out onto the course without the proper tools of the trade.

To finish a round of golf, a player needs to bring more with him than simply a set of clubs and some golf balls. Supplies such as tees, ball markers and green repair tools are also important to ensure you play properly and with proper respect for the players to come after you. There are several places you can buy such supplies.

Pro Shops

Purchasing your needed supplies while at the course or driving range is the best option on days when you realize that you are low on supplies and are drawing near to your tee time. While selections may not be as wide as at retail stores or online and you lose the ability to shop around for prices, you can't beat the convenience of being able to restock in time for your round without having to make another stop besides the course. Most course pro shops will carry all the essentials for a round, from balls to tees to rain gear.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, either those that specialize in sporting goods or megastores covering a wide range of needs, can occasionally offer great deals on golf supplies, particularly in the event of sales or when buying those supplies in bulk. While retail stores can offer low prices on sets of clubs or other supplies, large retail stores often lack the range of products available at pro shops or golf specialty stores.

Online Shopping

Online shopping for supplies is ideal for those to whom immediately receiving the supplies is not a necessity. Online stores, such as, allow you to browse through the products available by manufacturer as well as by the type of supplies you are looking for, and they carry a wide range of products from every major golf retailer, ensuring that you find just what you are looking for. Shopping online provides the ease of doing all the shopping with only a few mouse clicks, and the purchased supplies can be delivered right to the recipient's doorstep.

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