Pilates Golf Exercises

By Cicely A. Richard
Bridge pose strengthens lower back and core muscles.
Bridge pose strengthens lower back and core muscles.

According to the Pilates for Golf Website, nearly 60 percent of recreational golfers suffer from golf-related injuries at some point in their lives. These injuries often relate to lack of conditioning, improper stroke techniques and lack of flexibility. Incorporating a Pilates routine improves fitness level and golf game; it also decreases golf-related injuries. "Pilates Digest" states that Pilates golf exercises increase range of motion, balance and stability, and posture and body alignment. It strengthens core muscles, too. When golfers are physically fit, they improve their golf swings without the worries of back and shoulder injuries.

Pelvic Tilt

Pilates Digest states that, although the pelvic tilt is a warm-up exercise, it is a good Pilates golf exercise for increasing mobility and coordination in the pelvis, hip and lower spine. These different parts of the body work together to produce the power needed for a complete golf swing.

Golfers lie on their backs on a Pilates mat, knees bent and feet hip width apart. Arms should be flat on the floor, palms down. Inhale. Exhale and tilt pelvis until lower back touches the floor. Inhale again. Tilt the pelvis away from rib cage until there is a slight arch in the back. Do 10 to 20 repetitions of this exercise, engaging the abdominal muscles during each repetition.


The bridge is a Pilates golf exercise that promotes pelvic stability and strengthens the lower back and core muscles. These muscles create a powerful golf swing. To do the bridge, golfers lie on their back, knees bent and feet hip width apart. Inhale to prepare for movement and exhale, lifting the hips off the floor in a bridge position. Make sure shoulders stay glued to the floor.

Once a person is in the bridge position, inhale again and exhale to lift one of the legs off the floor to a 90-degree position. Inhale and exhale, returning the foot to a flat position.

Repeat, lifting and lowering the other leg. Inhale again. Exhale to slowly lower the body to the floor. Beginners do not have to lift legs until they feel comfortable. An advanced bridge entails extending leg to the ceiling. Complete 8 to 10 repetitions.

Side Lying Leg Circles

Leg circles increase mobility in the hip joint and create core stability. Hip mobility is needed for the back swing and downswing of a stroke. This Pilates golf exercise helps golfers as they coil and rotate their hips during their swing.

A golfer lies on her sides with her arm extended straight above her heads, palms down. The other arm should be on the floor in front of her chest. The body should be in a straight line. Engage core muscles to lift legs. Inhale as top leg lifts, making sure pelvic stability is maintained. Exhale and begin circling the lifted leg, the rest of the body remaining stable. Inhale when the circle is complete. Do 8 to 10 circles in one direction, then do reverse circles. Repeat this exercise on the other leg.

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