How to Pick Up a Golf Ball With a Wedge

By William McCoy

Lifting a golf ball off the ground with a wedge is a trick that requires some practice to perfect, but is ideal to try when waiting around at a golf course. This trick has little practical benefit, as you rarely need to pick up a ball with a wedge. Typically, golfers pick up their ball with their putter after holing out. Still, performing this trick perfectly can impress your friends.

Select your wedge with the highest loft. In many cases, this club will be the lob wedge, which often has a loft of at least 60 degrees.

Position the wedge in your hand so that the clubface is as horizontal as possible. Choke up on the wedge slightly. Ideally, hold it at the base of the grip for greater control.

Put the lob wedge on the ground with the clubface open and slide the clubface under the ball quickly and carefully to raise the ball onto the clubface. If you need to place your shoe on the other side of the ball to prevent it from rolling away, do so. With practice, you should be able to perform this trick without needing your shoe.

Bounce the ball on the clubface once you get the club positioned beneath the ball by making quick movements with your wrist. This action will elevate the ball; bounce the ball a few times until you are able to bounce it high enough to grab it with your other hand.

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