How to Personalize Golf Balls

By J.D. Chi
Personalizing your golf ball can help keep track of it on the course.
Personalizing your golf ball can help keep track of it on the course.

When playing golf in a group it is important to make sure you always hit your own golf ball. To avoid any confusion, you may want to mark or personalize your golf ball.

Collect all the balls you wish to personalize. If they are not new balls, clean them in mild, soapy water to remove any dirt or debris. Dry with a soft towel.

Select a spot on the ball and, if using permanent marker, write or draw your initials or design. Some golfers use a single letter or combination of letters while others prefer a combination of dots, a line or a drawing.

If you use a ball stamp, hold the ball in one hand while rolling the stamp over the ball to ensure that the complete stamp is transferred. Stamps are usually pre-inked with permanent ink. Depending on the type of stamp, you may be able to insert the ball into the stamp and press down to make the image.

Let the marker or ink dry. This usually takes only a few seconds, but touch the ink spot with your finger to ensure that the ink is dry and does not smudge.

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