What Are Offset Draw Golf Clubs?

By J.D. Chi
Offset draw golf clubs help beginners keep the ball in the fairway.
Offset draw golf clubs help beginners keep the ball in the fairway.

Standard golf clubs are made with a neutral club head position that will allow a golfer with a sound swing and good hip action to hit the ball straight. But golfers who consistently slice (ball flight curves left to right) may choose an offset or draw club to help correct the ball flight. The term "draw" describes a ball flight that moves right to left for a right-handed golfer.


Offset, or draw, golf clubs are available in woods and irons and are made to help correct a slice. On an offset golf club, the head is set back about an inch from where it would be in the neutral position. High-handicap golfers can benefit from learning to use this type of club as it allows the club head to make contact with the ball just after the shaft crosses over the ball, according to GolfClubRevue.com. Most major club manufacturers make offset clubs.


An offset club will help a golfer to get more height on their shots, according to GolfClubRevue.com. Balls should also fly straighter for slicers, which translates into more distance because the ball will travel straight down the fairway rather than tail off to the right. The technology behind the higher, straighter hit is simple: by moving the club head back on the shaft, there is a higher likelihood of the club head being square at impact.

Training Tool

Offset clubs may be used as on-the-course training tools. Squaring the club head at impact is a function of a golfer turning his hips at the precise moment of impact. Since high-handicap golfers are still learning this, an offset club can help to reinforce the concept while also making it easier to make good contact.

Who Should Use Offset

Offset clubs are generally designed for high-handicap golfers. The lower your handicap, the less likely you are to need technology that will help to straighten your shots. However, these clubs are also useful for beginners, older golfers or golfers with hip problems.

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