How to Monitor Golf Scores

By William McCoy
Check your scorecard after each hole to monitor your progress.
Check your scorecard after each hole to monitor your progress.

Monitoring your score throughout your round of golf is an effective way to determine how well you're playing, if you're above or below par, or on course for one of your best rounds of all time. This process is especially easy if you're keeping track of your own score. If not, you will need to consult with your playing partner frequently.

Consult the scorecard after the completion of every hole to get an accurate idea of how you are playing in relation to the total par for the course. For example, if you score a bogey on the first hole, you'll know that you are one stroke over par.

Continue monitoring your score throughout the front nine, calculating how many strokes above par you currently are. When you finish the front nine, add up your score on each hole to see how that number compares with past results. If you are six strokes over par and your career best is 15 strokes over par, you are on pace to break your career best.

Repeat this process throughout the back nine, continuously checking the scorecard and noting achievements such as pars, birdies (one stroke under par on a hole) and eagles (two strokes under par on a hole). Pars keep your score consistent, and birdies and eagles show that you're playing well.

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