Lower Back Stretching Routine

By Kate Evelyn
Yoga Mat from Society6
Yoga Mat from Society6

After a full day on the golf course, you may find that your lower back is sore, especially if you make a lot of abrupt swings or bend at the waist to pick up your golf bag and other gear. To reduce the risk of pain the next day, develop a lower back stretching routine and perform it after each golf outing. Make sure you have a hard, flat surface to use, such as the locker room floor in the clubhouse. Bring a [yoga mat](https://society6.com/yoga-mat) with you.

Cat Stretch

Get on all fours on your mat, hands beneath your shoulders and knees beneath your hips. Keep your knees at 90 degrees and do not lock your elbows. Engage your abs. Point your feet straight out behind you. Relax and let your stomach drop closer to the floor. Create a slight hollow in your back. Bring your shoulders down and back and tilt your head up so you are looking at the ceiling. Exhale. Tuck your chin down to your chest. Round your back upward, reversing the arch. Hold for a count of 10, breathing deeply. Repeat four times.


To perform this Pilates staple, lie back on your mat, legs straight and arms at your sides. Bend your knees at 45-degree angles so your feet are flat on the mat. Grab the outside of each thigh where the thigh meets the knee. Pull your knees toward your chest as you roll slightly backward, lifting your lower back off the floor. Do not roll so far that you transfer your weight to your neck. Hold for a five count. Unroll. Repeat seven times.

Child’s Pose

Relax and stretch your spine with this yoga pose. Kneel on your mat with your knees bent 90 degrees, the tops of your feet touching the mat and your arms at your sides. Keep your back and neck straight and upright. Slowly bring your arms forward, reaching down until your palms and forearms are flat on the ground in front of you. Let your body follow your arms into the fold. Sit your buttocks on top of your heels. Drop your forehead to the floor. Stay in the pose for the count of 30 concentrating on your breath.

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