How to Find Lost Golf Clubs

By William McCoy

Losing a set of golf clubs or even one club is disheartening. Not only is the loss financial in nature, but also many people have special attachments to their clubs. If your golf clubs are genuinely lost, you likely have a better chance of finding them than if they were stolen.

Think about where you lost the clubs. If you can pinpoint the location you last saw them, including the day and time, you might be able to improve your chances of recovering them. If you notice a missing club during a round and know you used that club previously, retrace the course to find the club, which you may have laid down adjacent to the green or a sand trap.

Talk to people in the vicinity of where you lost the clubs. For example, if you left them outside a golf course's clubhouse and lost them there, ask the clubhouse attendant, course marshal and other golfers if they saw the clubs. If you lost the clubs on the course, someone might turn them in later in the day. Most courses have a lost-and-found bin in the pro shop or cart barn.

Hang one or more posters in the area where you last saw the clubs. Include, if possible, a photo of the clubs, the date and time you lost them, information about a reward for their safe return and your contact information. Most golf courses have a message board for golfers to post messages.

Post a message on a golf message board in your city detailing the problem. If you live in a close-knit community, others might join in the hunt for your clubs. If your area doesn't have a golf message board, place a classified advertisement in the "Lost" section of the newspaper.

Check with your playing companions. You might have put your club in the wrong bag, or one of your companions might have picked it up by mistake.

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