How to Lose Weight by Playing Golf

By Steve Silverman
Walking the 18-hole course while playing golf is a great way to lose weight
Walking the 18-hole course while playing golf is a great way to lose weight

Those who don't play golf may look at it and say it is a sedentary game that has little value when it comes to conditioning. Professional golfers, though, are well-conditioned athletes who must walk the golf course each day. In a four-round tournament, that's nearly 4 miles per day, based on a 7,000-yard course, not counting the distance between holes.

Warm up for a minimum of 15 minutes before playing. Stretch your muscles to prevent injury and hit balls to warm up those muscles and raise your heart rate.

Walk and carry your clubs if allows walking. If you have back or neck problems, invest in a pull or push cart so you can walk. Maintain a brisk pace to keep your heart rate up.

Stick to the cart paths if the golf course requires carts. Instead of riding to your ball, leave the cart on the path directly opposite your ball, grab a couple of clubs and walk to your ball.

Combine running and golf by playing speed golf, also known as extreme golf and fitness golf. If the golf course allows, and during a slow time, grab three or four clubs without your golf bag and run to your ball in between shots. The idea is to play as many holes as possible in the least amount of time.

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