Left Handed Golf Swing Tips

By Clint Hale
Before deciding on a golf pro for lessons, ask if they are left handed or have much experience teaching from the left side.
Before deciding on a golf pro for lessons, ask if they are left handed or have much experience teaching from the left side.

A majority of the population is right-handed, as is most of the golfing population. This, of course, means that a majority of manufactured golf clubs are of the right-handed variety. However, there are plenty of left-handed people who play golf as well, and like those of the right-handed persuasion, there are special swing tips left-handed people can use to improve their games.

Club Grip

Many left-handed golfers suffer from weak grip, which can wreak havoc on a golf swing, most notably resulting in a slice. Grip the club firmly to help prevent this, making sure that the club goes across the left palm from the base of the index finger to just above the pinkie finger. Make sure not to move the grip into the fingers, as this can cause a hurried swing, which can result in a hook. Meanwhile, moving the grip more into the palm will lead to a slower swing and an unwelcome slice.

Proper Clubs

One of the most important factors behind a successful golf swing is a set of solid golf clubs. However, left-handed golfers face a much more limited selection, particularly for those shopping at a smaller retailer or non-golf-specific outlet. Settling for a mediocre or ill-fitting set of left-handed golf clubs can cripple a golfer's game. Instead of settling, consult a golf retailer that offers an array of left-handed clubs or can custom fit and size a set of clubs specifically for left-handed golfers. This will help ensure a better swing.

Don't Swing Right-Handed

Only 10 to 15 percent of the world's population is left-handed, but the percentage of left-handed golfers is actually lower than that. Some attribute this to the fact that, due to a shortage of equipment or quality coaching, a number of lefties simply take up the sport as right-handed golfers. While some can readjust their swings to thrive as righties, others never get the hang of it for the simple reason that they're swinging from the wrong side of the tee.

Gain Left-Handed Instruction

Another problem for left-handed golfers looking to improve is that they work with an instructor who is right-handed. While this may work in certain instances, most lefties would be better served using an instructor who is also left-handed, thereby making the instruction a more streamlined and efficient process. While this could take more time in terms of finding a left-handed instructor, consult local course pros and golf retailers, as these are prime sources for tracking down specific types of golf instructors.

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