Learning to Play Golf

By Matt Crownover
Often times starting young with a family member or experienced friend is the best way to pick up the sport.
Often times starting young with a family member or experienced friend is the best way to pick up the sport.

For those who don't know much about golf but would like to learn the game, the learning process might seem a bit overwhelming. You might not feel entirely comfortable walking onto a golf course without knowledge of the game. There's a reason golf is considered one of the most difficult sports. It requires patience and money to truly get a good grasp on the sport. But if you are serious about learning, and stick with it, you'll be able to learn and enjoy the game of golf. And once you get the hang of it, you might never stop playing.

Learn the Game

For those with limited experience, familiarize yourself with the game. Check online for golf tutorials and instructions. Look through golf magazines for techniques and tips. It's a good idea to watch golf on TV to get a better idea of how the professionals play. The announcers will have some good information, too.

What You'll Need

Most golf sets include a set of irons, woods and a putter. But before you go and buy your own clubs, it's a good idea to take lessons and determine whether or not you will stick with the game. Buying a new set of clubs can be expensive. You can also rent clubs from most golf courses during the learning process. When you are ready to purchase your own set, talk with a golf professional or a knowledgeable employee, and he can set you up with a good beginner set.

Learn the Rules

Make sure you know the rules of the game. For example, each time your club makes contact with the ball, that's considered a stroke and will count toward your final score. There are quite a bit of rules that you need to understand, so study up on the rules.

Understand the Terminology

Newcomers to the game of golf are probably completely unfamiliar with the terminology. Learn the language of golf. You'll need to understand terms such as birdie, eagle, fairway, green, bunker, etc.

Apply What You've Learned

The best way to learn the game of golf is to take lessons from a golf professional. Most golf courses have professionals that can teach you how to play in a private setting out on the driving range. It's worth it to pay the fee for lessons. From there, practice makes perfect. Spend as much time as you can playing or practicing the game, and you surely will get better and better.

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