What Kids Learn From Golf

By Carolyn Williams
Children learn more than technique on the course.
Children learn more than technique on the course.

If you love the game of golf and have kids, you might want to share your passion for the game with them. Kids can learn more than just basic golf skills such as driving and putting from the game. Golf provides kids with critical skills that help them throughout their lives.

Honesty and Integrity

Golf is a game that is self-policed, with players responsible for knowing the rules and applying them fairly to themselves. On the course, kids learn that only you know where your ball lies and what your score is for the round.

Kids learn quickly that cheating is more than just frowned upon when playing golf. This translates into a better understanding of how rules apply and why it's worth following them.


More than just good sportsmanship, manners and etiquette are a critical part of the game of golf. Kids learn to wait for their turn, be ready to play, how to be supportive of one another in the sport and when to be quiet.

In addition, kids learn the basics of social interaction, such as introducing themselves politely to fellow players and how to make conversation during a round, especially if they're playing with people they have just met.

Kids also learn the style of dress appropriate for playing the sport. This translates into increased social development and the ability to interact in a healthy way with peers, teachers and parents.


To a large extent, golf is a game that requires practice. As with many sports, you improve the more you play. But in particular with golf, the game continues even after a bad shot. Kids learn that one bad shot won't make or break a round.

Instead, they learn to try with the next shot to improve their position and keep trying until they make it to the hole. This willingness to keep on trying helps kids learn to persevere, even if things are difficult.

Good Judgment

Kids who golf learn to make good decisions. Kids learn how to plan their time to be on time for tee off as well as deciding which club is best for the shot.

Kids also learn strategy and judge what's best to get to the hole in the fewest number of shots--whether to be bold and try an aggressive shot or play it safe. This translates into thinking analytically about other life events and understanding how choices impact one another.

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