How to Keep Your Spine Angle in the Golf Swing

By Jackson Lewis

To maintain a consistent golf swing, you have to keep your spine angle. When you maintain the spine angle, the body will rotate about the spine in a circular motion without deviating to a different plane. By keeping your spine straight on the same angle, your ability to return the club face to square contact with the golf ball ensures a more accurate shot. If your spine position moves, it will be harder to return the club face to a consistent position at impact with the ball.

Address the golf ball with your knees slightly bent and bend at the waist far enough to grip your club.

Rotate the shoulders so that they move around your spine without adjusting your spine tilt.

Maintain your head position while taking the backswing. If you push down or lift your head during the backswing, your spine position will have a greater chance of changing, resulting in a more difficult shot.

Maintain your spine position as long as possible. Once you make contact with the golf ball, release the spine position to prevent additional back strain.

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