How to Keep Your Back Straight in the Golf Swing

By Timothy Bodamer
Your back plays a major role in keeping balanced during the shot.
Your back plays a major role in keeping balanced during the shot.

Your back plays an instrumental role in creating a solid golf shot and good fundamentals on the course. Whereas many golfers think the work is all done by their arms and hands with the club, your back serves as a key foundation for swing balance and power. By keeping your back limber and your technique sound, your game may benefit. A straight back may give you a fixed position every shot and allows a repetitive swing plane.

Stretch your back and leg muscles. By loosening the muscles, you're more likely to strengthen your back and keep upright during the swing. One exercise is knee bends. Bend down to the ground and reach your toes, or as far down as you can get, to first loosen your leg and lower back muscles. Return to an upright position. Repeat for one minute. Attempt a squat with your back straight and head up. Bend at the knees and squat to the ground, finishing in a position similar to a baseball catcher. Stand up and repeat.

Perform a stretch with a golf club. Incorporate a golf club by doing supported squats. Place your hands on a 3-iron providing support, lift your left foot and place it on top of your right knee. You're now standing on one foot. Bend until you're close to a seated position, Rise back to a straight position. Repeat 10 times and change to the other foot. This exercise loosens your lower back, allowing you maintain a better posture during your shot.

Practice your back positioning. By drooping your shoulder or if your posture is poor, you may lose power. Sit on the edge of a chair, then slump forward. Cross both arms over your chest and attempt to rotate your upper body as you were attempting a swing. It proves difficult. Now, attempt to straighten your back and move your hips forward. Re-attempt the drill. You'll find it's much easier to do this exercise with a straight back.

Attempt a golf shot. Tip your chest forward towards the ball. Pull your stomach in and keep your shoulders back, maintaining a straight back. A straighter back allows for a more powerful shot.

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