How to Install Winn Golf Grips

By J.D. Chi

Winn golf grips are easy to install and offer advanced technology for a better grip than standard options. Installation of Winn golf grips requires limited expertise and may be done by amateurs. Grip installation can be a messy project, so work in a well-ventilated area.


Remove the old grip by inserting the hooked utility knife under the grip and cutting the grip away from the body to avoid injury. Be careful not to nick the shaft. Remove any underlying grip tape by peeling and scraping it away, then washing it away with solvent, such as paint thinner or lighter fluid.

Put the club shaft in a vice parallel to the floor. Wrap the shaft in a soft cloth or use a rubber protective insert to protect the shaft from damage.

Measure the length of the grip before wrapping with grip tape. Remove one side of the backing from the double-sided tape and wrap tape from the spot where the grip will end to the butt of the shaft. Leave about 1/2 inch of tape hanging over the end of the club.

Remove the Winn grip from its packaging and insert a tee in the hole at the end of the grip. The Winn company recommends keeping each shaft in its original plastic covering until use.


Pour solvent into the grip, cover the open end with your thumb and shake to distribute. Place a bucket under the shaft and then pour any additional solvent over the grip tape. Tuck the overhanging grip tape into the hole in the top of the shaft. Remove the tee from the end of the grip.

Holding the grip at a slight angle, slide it over the end of the club. Slowly straighten the grip so that it is also parallel with the floor and gently slide it over the wet grip tape.

Push the grip as far down the shaft as possible, making sure that the cap, or top of the grip, is flush with the end of the shaft. Once the grip is on, immediately turn it to align with the club face.

Remove the club from the vice and wipe down the shaft of the club with a rag. Stand the club up and allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes before use.

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