How to Install Graphite Shaft Extensions

By M.L. Rose

Maybe you’ve found a great set of graphite clubs at a garage sale or a used golf club retail store. Or perhaps you bought your teen some clubs that he’s outgrown. By lengthening the graphite shafts with an extender, you may be able to use that second-hand set of clubs or keep your son’s clubs for a few more years and save on the expense of buying a brand new set. Be aware, though, that extending the clubs makes the shafts more flexible and changes the lie angle.

Place the hooked blade under the lip of the grip and cut vertically through the grip, being careful not to scratch the shaft. Grasp the grip at the bottom and pull it off.

Peel the grip tape off the shaft by hand. Loosen any remaining tape by heating it with a blow-dryer or a heat gun and then peeling it off.

Abrade the slimmer portion of the extender that fits inside the shaft, using medium grit sandpaper, to improve the surface’s adhesive.

Apply the epoxy to the portion of the extender that fits inside the shaft.

Slide the extender into the hole and rotate it as you push the extender into the shaft to spread the epoxy. Tap the butt end of the club lightly on the floor or another hard surface, to secure the extender in place. Wipe away any excess adhesive with a cloth. Allow the epoxy to dry completely.

Measure the amount you want to extend the shaft and mark it on the extender.

Place the shaft in a rubber shaft clamp and secure the clamp in a vise. Cut the extender to size using a hacksaw. Regrip the club as you normally would.

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