How to Improve My Tee Shot

By Robert Lee
Hitting a good tee shot can boost your enjoyment of the game.
Hitting a good tee shot can boost your enjoyment of the game.

A beautiful tee shot is one of the most exciting shots in golf. A well-struck drive down the middle of the fairway could be the most memorable event of the day for a weekend golfer. Improving your tee shot takes time, practice and patience. Paying attention to the mental side of the game, such as strategy, can speed up the process. It's also helpful to play from the proper set of tees on the golf course.

Improve your tee shot by choosing a club less challenging than the driver on par-4 or par-5 holes if you have consistent troubles with your driver. The driver is the most difficult club to master, and simply choosing an easier club to hit, such as a 3-wood or 5-wood, can lead to greater accuracy on your tee shots.

Limit yourself to no more than one swing thought on the tee shot. Mentally running through a long checklist while standing over the ball may cause you to become tense and lower your chances for a good tee shot.

Eliminate tension by waggling the club at address. Waggle the club by hovering the clubhead above the ground and moving it back and forth a few times. Grip the club lightly as if holding a small bird that you're trying to contain but not harm. Take a deep breath or two just before starting your backswing. This waggling, breathing exercise and light grip can erase nervousness and help you hit a great shot.

Establish good fundamentals. When hitting a driver, pro golfer Tiger Woods recommends holding your head high enough at address so that your shoulder turns under your chin during the takeaway. Turn your shoulders fully during the swing, but don't overdo it. If the club dips toward the ground on the back swing you're over-swinging. Swing at about 80 percent of your maximum power for the best combination of control, accuracy and distance.

Forget bad tee shots. Moving on to the next shot – or, in this case, the next tee shot – is another important component of the mental game in golf. Not dwelling on that wild drive into the woods or a shot dribbled off the tee will help you put the poor shot behind you, finish the hole and clear your mind for the next tee shot.

Practice between rounds. Improve your tee shots by simulating a round of golf while you're on the driving range. Hit a tee shot on the driving range with the same focus you'd use on the golf course. Hit two or three other clubs to simulate reaching the green, and then start again with another tee shot.

Book a lesson with a PGA golf professional. Even the best golfers in the world have teachers. A professional golf instructor can offer tips specific for your swing, including guidance on tempo and balance.

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