How Do I Improve a Score With Golf Training Aids?

By Robert Preston
The right aid will ensure you are well prepared when the shots matter.
The right aid will ensure you are well prepared when the shots matter.

Golf is a challenging game, with many components of a swing that can lead to erratic play. With so much going on in every swing, the game has no shortage of aids available to help players make corrections, from the position of their feet to the steadiness of their head. Choosing the right aid is an important process, as trying out many aids and hoping one helps is a recipe for disaster, not to mention a substantial bill.

Record you golf swing from different angles, such as behind you and facing your squared shoulders. Take multiple swings from each angle to give you the best chance of identifying errors in your swing.

Have a partner watch you and look for errors. If you do not have a camera for recording, a partner is especially important for seeing where your swing needs improvement.

Analyze the footage and speak with your partner to find faults in your swing, such as your head moving, or the club face being open at the moment of contact.

Research the different aids available for fixing your problem. Online retailers such as offer a wide range of aids for fixing swing problems.

Purchase the aid which best matches your correction needs and your price range.

Practice with the aid, following the instructions of the device. Most golf aids work to help develop muscle memory so that, when out on the course and not utilizing the aid, the muscles of your body are used to performing the motions required for an accurate shot.

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