How to Improve a Score With Golf Training Aids

By Steve Silverman
A ball return is a training aid that helps your putting and allows you to practice indoors.
A ball return is a training aid that helps your putting and allows you to practice indoors.

To improve your score on the golf course, you have to practice, but you must practice correctly. That's where training aids come in. Training aids are designed to provide assistance while practice and/or give instant feedback.

Install a golf net for use at home. Instead of going to the golf course or the driving range every time you think you have a spare 30 minutes, go into your backyard and hit the ball into your own golf net.

Use a breakaway club when practicing to see where your swing is breaking down. This type of training aid has one or two hinges in the shaft. If you bring the club back too quickly or off plane, for example, the club will "break" at the hinge. If you swing smoothly and on plane, the club will not break. You can hit balls with this club if you swing correctly.

Using an alignment aid such as a foot caddy will help you aim and align yourself correctly. This item is placed at your feet to help make sure you are square to the hole. This device is divided into 90-degree angles and lets the golfer see where he needs to stand to have a shot at hitting the ball directly to the target.

Use a grip alignment that fits over the grip on your club. This simple device provides a mold of where the hands should go on the grip. This device will help you feel the right position every time.

Use a ball return to help you practice your putting. If it is raining or dark, you can still practice your putting inside with a ball return. This device can be set up 10 to 12 feet away and it offers the golfer a chance to see if he can putt his ball with an even and true stroke. If you hit the ball in the ball-return slot, the device will shoot it back to you.

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