How to Improve Your Golf Swing and Lower Your Score

By Contributor
Improve your golf swing and consistency to watch your scores come down.
Improve your golf swing and consistency to watch your scores come down.

Swinging a golf club properly is essential to improving your score. Slight defects in a swing will cause the ball to slice or hook, you will hit the top of the ball or miss it altogether. Having the proper tools and the right mentality when approaching your shot will make your experience with the game more successful and enjoyable.

Choose proper-sized clubs. In order to keep the correct form when swinging the club, it is important to have clubs that fit you correctly. Clubs should be about the same length as the distance from the tips of your fingers to the ground when your arms are at your sides. Practice swinging the clubs several times with proper form. Bend at the hips, draw the club backward and then swing through. You should be able to comfortably connect with the ball.

Practice with proper form. If you are right-handed, put your left hand at the top of the club, then interconnect your left thumb with your right pinky finger and grab the club with your right hand. When you have the club gripped, bend over the ball from the waist, not the back. Bring the club backward while keeping your left arm straight and bending your right arm to a 90-degree angle. Once you have brought the club up, pause at the top of the swing and then drive the club forward. When swinging the club, twist at the hips to ensure maximum power. Keep your eyes on the ball and do not bring up your head. Bringing up your head will cause you to raise the club and hit the top of the ball. Swing through the ball and follow through by continuing to swing the club up to the left shoulder. Use the opposite hand positioning if you are left-handed.

Relax on the tee. Stepping up for your shot brings pressure along with it. No matter at the driving range or on a course with friends or co-workers, take a deep breath, focus on your mechanics and swing through the ball calmly. Trying to overpower your swing and hit the ball as hard as you can ruin your form. Practicing proper form and swinging calmly through the ball will result in accurate shots. As you become more comfortable with the form and accuracy, you can employ more power through your legs and hips.

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