How to Improve Golf Driver Distance

By Sharon Penn
Use the proper club and swing to increase distance off the tee.
Use the proper club and swing to increase distance off the tee.

If you are like many golfers, you want to achieve more distance with your driver. Once you are certain that you are using clubs that are fitted for you, concentrate on executing your swing correctly. If you have a slower swing speed, consider a driver with a flexible shaft and a larger clubface to provide a larger sweet spot. Practice on the driving range to groove your swing and create “muscle memory” to achieve a longer drive.

Tee the ball up high to achieve a higher launch angle and less spin. According to, a ball that is teed up higher will give you more distance, especially for a high handicapper.

Shift your weight properly on the backswing, and again on the downswing. Imagine there is a vertical pole rising from the ball, and make your shoulder turn so your left shoulder moves behind the pole on the backswing. The right shoulder should pass the pole on your follow-through. This complete shoulder turn will produce a good weight shift and result in greater distance off the tee.

Point your left knee toward the target by the time your arms are at the top of the backswing. When the left knee is stable and not pointed inward, you will create the torque that adds clubhead speed and results in distance.

Relax your arms when the clubhead makes impact with the ball so they will be stretched out by centrifugal force. You will be making a centered turn around your spine, and your arms will swing around your body. This will add to your swing speed. Concentrate on hitting the ball in the center of the club.

Hold your hands cocked at 90 degrees from the top of your swing until you impact the ball. Your hand should be positioned with the thumb pointed up as if you were shaking hands on the downswing.

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