How to Improve Your Game With a New Golf Club

By John Lindell
New clubs can instill a sense of confidence in your swing.
New clubs can instill a sense of confidence in your swing.

If you are new to the game of golf, sometimes adding a new club can speed up your progress and give you confidence. By adding a hybrid iron, a different kind of wedge or a new putter, you're more prepared to handle every situation or shot you encounter on the course.

How to Improve Your Game With a New Golf Club

Use a hybrid club to replace the long irons that are hard to hit. A hybrid club fuses the elements of the long irons such as the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-irons with those of a wood, producing a club head that allows a player to get the ball in the air when she hits it but is also less likely to produce mishits. Hybrid irons allow the golfer to hit the ball higher so the player doesn't strike the ball as hard to send it a long distance. The clubs are designed so the club face will be much less likely to turn when it impacts the ball, making for truer shots.

Purchase a sand wedge for short shots that require you to choke up and half-hit a pitching wedge. This allows you to avoid trying to figure out how hard to hit your pitching wedge, which often leads to problems for beginners. With a sand wedge, which has a much heavier club head and is angled between 55 and 58 degrees of loft, you will be able to take a full swing from as far away as 80 to 100 yards. Use a sand wedge not only to escape sand bunkers but also from the rough and even from the fairway.

Buy a lob wedge for shots that need the ball to get high in the air quickly. This sort of wedge, which is lofted from 59 to 64 degrees in most instances, has a thin edge on the club head that picks up the ball rapidly and cleanly, gives it great height, then deposits it on the green from 60 to 80 yards away. Use the lob wedge to clear hazards close to a green or escape from the rough. A full swing can be employed, and having to cut down on a pitching wedge can be avoided.

Bridge that gap in yardage between your pitching and sand wedges with a gap wedge. This is why this wedge gets its name because it is lofted between 50 and 55 degrees and can be hit in the range of 90 to 120 yards. The pitching wedge sends the ball farther than this and the sand wedge shorter, so by having a gap wedge, you can eliminate the choice of which of those clubs to hit and how hard to hit it.

Change putters to improve your scoring. Opting for a mallet-type putter will allow you to strike putts with much more consistency. Choosing a perimeter-weighted putter gives you a bigger “sweet spot.” The length of your putter might be an issue. A belly putter, typically about 40 to 42 inches in length, gives you more stability in your stroke, and a long-handled putter, maybe 45 inches long, is able to provide steadiness when you putt.

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