Hybrid Golf Clubs for Women

By Bill Herrfeldt

Until the 1990s, it was pretty easy for a woman to pick out a new set of golf clubs simply because there weren't as many options. Then in Europe and the United States, hybrid clubs became quite the rage, and every player had to have one or two. Instead of having to use the hard-to-hit 2 and 3 iron, a woman could hit a hybrid club just about as far but with greater ease. Now every golf club manufacturer makes a variety of hybrid clubs for women. Rather than give you a list of clubs to buy, this article will tell you what to look for when purchasing hybrid clubs.

Hybrids to Cure Weaknesses

Decide what is your greatest weakness, then find a hybrid club that can help you overcome it. For example, some women have a hard time hitting their long irons. Either they mishit them or they have a difficult time getting the golf ball off the ground. Others--especially women with higher handicaps--have a problem hitting their woods.

Two Types of Hybrids

All of the hybrid clubs on the market fall into two categories. They either replace your long irons, or they take the place of one or more of your woods. The former resemble the irons to be replaced but are thicker and somewhat larger. The latter are like woods in that they have shallow faces. Whichever you choose, they will probably be shorter than the clubs they replace, so they are easier to hit and are more accurate, though the golf ball may not travel quite as far. Hybrid clubs are referred to by their loft, such as 19 degrees or 23 degrees.


Before you go shopping for your hybrid clubs, decide how much you want to spend. You can pay $300 or more for the best hybrids, but you can pay a lot less for others that are just as serviceable. Once you decide on your price range, you can focus on finding the best clubs within that range.

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