How to Hit Golf Balls Onto a Higher Trajectory

By Matthew Fortuna
Trajectory is determined by your swing and club loft selection.
Trajectory is determined by your swing and club loft selection.

There are a variety of golf shots on the course that can be used to shape the ball from hole to hole. Among the most useful of these to hit is the high, arching shot. By using a few swing and grip techniques, you can hit your irons with a higher trajectory. A higher ball flight can allow you to clear trees and water, add length to your drive or land more softly on greens.

Line your golf ball up slightly forward in your stance, and open the clubface a bit to increase the club's loft.

Put about 60 percent of your weight on your back leg. This should cause the corresponding shoulder to lower slightly.

Hinge your wrists more than normal on your backswing, breaking the wrists as soon as you begin your takeaway (the initial backwards pull of the club face from right behind the ball). Continue to hinge your wrists to the top of the swing. This will cause you to make a more narrow swing

Complete your follow through all the way, finishing with hands high, to allow the ball to follow the club into the air.

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