How to Hit a Golf Ball With a Strong Golf Grip

By M.L. Rose

In a strong golf grip, the V shapes formed by the thumb and first finger of each hand should point toward your right shoulder (for a right-handed player), according to golf writer Steve Newell. If you use a weak grip on your golf club it’s unlikely you’ll hit the ball square on a standard swing, Newell says. Some players will do fine with a neutral grip, but if you tend to slice the ball you’re a good candidate to try a stronger grip.

Grip the club so the V formed by your right thumb and forefinger points to the right of your right shoulder, advises all-time PGA Tour great Lee Trevino.

Aim to the left of the target.

Keep the club face square through impact by letting your left arm move away from your side as you follow through, while keeping the club on the target line for as long as possible, Trevino says.

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