How to Hit My Golf Ball Straighter

By H.C. Hisel
Knowing you can hit the ball straight allows you to play with greater confidence.
Knowing you can hit the ball straight allows you to play with greater confidence.

Hitting a golf ball far and straight is referred to as driving the ball. This can be very difficult, especially for beginners. Learning the appropriate techniques will allow you to have an easier time driving a straight ball. With consistent practice, over time it will become muscle memory.

Perfect your initial stance. The foot of your club should be approximately 6 inches from the ball. Grasp the club an inch down from the top of the handle with your left hand. Place your right hand directly underneath your left so your hands are touching. You want your grip to be firm but not overly tight as this sometimes is the cause of a slice. In turn, the ball and the foot of your club should be a distance enough away that your right arm is straight and your left is slightly bent. Your legs should be shoulder length apart and slightly bent. In addition, your back should be straight while you tilt your upper body toward the club.

Determine your swinging points. The key to driving a perfectly straight ball is moving your club in a straight line. Creating an imaginary line in your mind to follow is essential. Imagine a line from the middle of the ball directly to the foot of your club. The line continues approximately 3 feet past the ball. Follow this line as you swing the club back from the ball as well as toward the ball again.

Initiate your swing. When you swing back, your lower body should be planted in place as your upper body turns away from the ball only slightly. As you swing, keep your eyes on the foot of your club at all times, turning your head where your eyes are. Lead your club back away from the ball following the swinging points. Continue guiding your club off the ground at the end of the swinging point to the point the foot of the club is slightly below the level of your shoulders. Swing the club back toward the ball following the same posture and path. Once you have reached the ball, continue guiding the club in a straight line past the ball.

Follow through with your swing. Once your club has made contact with the ball, your right knee will need to bend slightly to continue the club in a straight line after you make the hit. Your feet will stay in the same place for the most part. Continue guiding your club well past the ball with the same amount of force until your reach is well above your head.

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