How Do I Hit a Golf Ball Straight?

By Patrick Cameron
Hitting a golf ball straight requires a square club face at impact.
Hitting a golf ball straight requires a square club face at impact.

For golfers, there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to hit the ball straight. Slicing or hooking the ball can cost you strokes. There are a variety of things that go into hitting the ball straight, the most important of which is making sure the club face is straight at impact. The following drill is designed to cure your hook--or slice.

Set up a straight swing plane using two 5-foot pieces of string wrapped around four tees--one at each end of the string pieces.The two pieces of string should create a straight line with a 2-foot wide gap in the middle for hitting the ball. The strings should run parallel to your swing so that, as you swing, your club head--or the end of the shaft--is constantly pointed at the string.

Check your swing to make sure you are pointing at the lines of string along the ground. There are only two places along your swing plane where the club is not pointed at the lines. These occur when your club is parallel with the ground on your backswing and when the club is parallel with the ground in your follow through.

Move through your swing progression in slow motion, paying attention to the circular motion of your swing and where the club head is at impact. You want the club face to be square on the far side of the ball which, during a normal swing, would make it square just after impact.

Practice swinging along the lines you have laid out in a controlled motion. The swing should be a smooth circle, with the club head releasing just prior to impact.

Set a ball up between your string lines and hit it.

Watch the ball flight. Watch to see if you are hitting the ball straight or going right or left.

Continuing running through Steps 3 through 7 until you start to realize a straighter ball flight.

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