How to Hit a Golf Ball With Backspin

By Michael Miller
Place your hands slightly forward to put compression on the ball.
Place your hands slightly forward to put compression on the ball.

Putting backspin on a golf ball is a useful tool for lower handicap golfers. The technique allows you to better gauge the projected distance of approach shots. Putting backspin on a golf ball requires proper equipment and significant practice to achieve consistency.

Hitting a Golf Ball with Backspin

Make sure you are using the proper equipment in an appropriate situation. Attempt putting backspin on the ball only from the sand or the fairway. Use a ball with a soft cover. Generally, a club with a higher loft, clean club face and deep grooves gives you the best chance to put backspin on the ball. The soft ball cover and deep face grooves work in combination to provide more friction at the striking point.

Position the ball correctly. Place the ball back in your stance, closer to your back foot than your front foot. Use a narrower stance.

Use the correct swing plane. It is essential that you take a steep swing plane to create backspin. You should hit down on the ball, making sure the club hits the back of the ball before hitting the ground. Refrain from breaking your wrists on the follow-through. By successfully putting these steps together, you should produce backspin on your golf ball.

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