How to Hit a Fade Golf Shot

By Steve Silverman
Practice hitting a fade on the range before trying it on the course.
Practice hitting a fade on the range before trying it on the course.

Once you have learned how to hit a golf ball straight with relative consistency, you are going to want to make progress in your game. One of the shots you will want to learn is the fade. The fade has a slight left to right action and is quite necessary because most golf courses have holes that bend (dogleg) to the right. In order to play these holes to your best advantage, learn how to hit a fade.

Open your shoulders slightly when you address the ball. Normally, you will have your shoulders facing directly at the target. When you are hitting a fade and you want the ball to go slightly to the right, open up your left shoulder so it is facing slightly to the left of your target line.

Move your front foot slightly to the left of your normal starting position. Instead of having the side of your left foot facing the middle of the fairway or the green, you need to place it slightly to the left.

Aim to the left of the target to get the ball to go to the right. Not only are you changing your foot and shoulder position, you are changing where you want the ball to go.

Change the angle of the club face when you hit the ball. Normally, you want to make sure the club head is square to the ball on impact. When hitting the fade, the club should be facing to the right slightly when you make impact.

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