How to Hit a Draw With a Hybrid

By M.L. Rose

Hybrid golf clubs feature traits of both woods and irons in an attempt to give golfers the best of both worlds. The attempt has been unquestionably successful with casual and pro golfers alike. Since hybrid clubs entered the golf scene, around the turn of the 21st century, they’ve become “a staple on professional golf tours and in everyday foursomes,” according to the “New York Times.” Like woods and irons, hybrids can be used to hit a draw, a shot that features a controlled right-to-left movement of the ball (for right-handed players).

Set up on the left side of the tee box (for a right-hander) if you’re teeing off, advises golf instructor Jim Murphy.

Aim for the right side of the fairway, or of the green if you’re making an approach shot. Golf teacher Bob Toski recommends setting your feet normally, then moving your right foot back a bit to close your stance.

Close the club face by aiming it at your actual target, such as the middle of the fairway, says golf writer Steve Newell.

Play the ball one ball-width closer to your rear foot than normal, says golf writer Jack Moorehouse.

Remember that, while a hybrid’s club head looks like a wood, its shaft is shorter than a comparable wood’s shaft; make sure you stand closer to the ball than if you were using a wood.

Start your backswing by keeping the club head low and “slightly inside your target line,” Murphy recommends.

Swing toward the target you initially set, toward the right side of the fairway or green.

Take care to make a complete shoulder and hip turn. Murphy says your right shoulder should point at the initial target when you follow through, to guarantee you turn sufficiently.

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