How to Hit a Chip Shot in Golf

By Kevin D. Boehler
Golfers of all ages can learn to master the chip shot.
Golfers of all ages can learn to master the chip shot.

Chipping is an important part of playing golf. A chip is played from around the green with a wedge (lob wedge, gap wedge, pitching wedge) to get the ball into the air for a short period of time to carry over the longer grass in the rough or fairway and land it onto the green as close to the hole as possible. Doing this consistently can save many strokes a round, as well as reduce the stress caused by missing greens because you will know you can get the ball up and then down.

Grip the club so the shaft runs down the third knuckles of each hand and place the hands toward the bottom of the grip to get more control over the clubface.

Set up to the ball with your feet just a few inches apart and open to the target with most of your weight on the front foot. This will restrict body motion in the back swing and create a downward strike on the golf ball. For right-handed golfers, the left shoulder will be closer to the hole and the opposite for left-handed golfers.

Pick out a spot where the ball should land and begin to roll toward the hole and align the club face square to that target.

Take the club back using your shoulders and slightly cock your wrists while keeping your lower body still to produce a downward strike on the golf ball.

Swing through the ball using your shoulders while keeping your wrists cocked. This will keep your hands in front of the ball, which will help to make solid contact and combat the flipping of the hands that is a common mistake while chipping.

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