How to Hit a Chip Shot

By Teresa Justine Kelly
A good chip shot can save you many strokes out on the course.
A good chip shot can save you many strokes out on the course.

The chip shot, although not as glamorous as the long game, can save you many strokes in your golf score. An effective chip shot from the fringe to the green can often make the difference between winning and losing a match. The chip shot is a simple golf stroke, yet many golfers lose confidence in their ability to get the ball to the green for a easy putt on their next shot. They often scoop the ball in an effort to get the ball out of the fringe or forget to accelerate through the ball, resulting in loss of control and speed. With a few simple pointers, you can consistently chip your ball close to the pin for a nice easy putt and lower your golf score.

Basic setup

Shift your weight to your left side (if you are a right-handed golfer) to promote a descending blow.

Open your stance so your feet, hips and shoulders are slightly open to the target. Keep your feet about six to eight inches apart.

Place the ball back in your stance, near your right foot.

Place your club head behind the ball. Choke down on the club an inch or so for better control, and keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Relax your arms.

The perfect swing

Sweep the club head back using your hands, arms and shoulders. Keep the club head low to the ground.

Make a smooth brushing stroke on your downswing with your hands leading throughout the stroke, using rhythm and tempo. On impact, hit down on the back of the ball making contact first with the ball, then the grass. Accelerate throughout the swing, making a short follow-through and producing a low and rolling shot.

Keep your head still and make sure your hands remain ahead of the ball throughout the shot.


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