Hand Reflexology Golf Ball Technique

By Kimberlee Leonard
Golf balls have uses in relfexology that go well beyond the golf course.
Golf balls have uses in relfexology that go well beyond the golf course.

Golf balls have uses well beyond the fairways and putting greens. The way a golf ball is shaped with the numerous dimples makes it an ideal tool to utilize in hand reflexology. Hand reflexology uses various pressure points, common in acupressure and acupuncture, to help stimulate blood flow to improve energy, concentration and overall health. Using the golf ball method can make performing reflexology on yourself much easier and very effective.

Significance of Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is commonly used to help alleviate sinus pressure, migraine headaches, asthmatic symptoms and allergies. According to Eastern medicine, the hands contain meridians that coordinate with your body's organs and energy centers. By stimulating these pressure points, you can improve energy flow and reduce symptoms of certain ailments.


The technique in using a golf ball for reflexology is very simple. Interlock your fingers and clasp both hands together with the golf ball between the palms. Roll the ball between your palms, covering as much surface area of your hands as possible. With your hands unclasped you can roll the ball between the fingers to help stretch them and increase the benefits.

Golf Ball Properties

The properties of the golf ball are what make this such a simple yet effective tool. The many dimples on a golf ball create more surface area. You don't have to apply pressure like you do in acupressure where you need to press down on the point. The dimples and air pockets do this instead in a natural and relaxing fashion. Because the ball is a sphere, it's easy to manipulate in your hands to cover the most area.


Think of hand reflexology techniques as using a golf ball for a mini-massage. As you manipulate the ball between your palms and fingers, you should feel tension leave your hands. In Chinese medicine, there are specific points that correlate to specific ailments, but the beauty of using the golf ball technique is you don't need to study years of acupressure or reflexology to find pressure points and alleviate stress, pain or minor ailments.


As an alternative medicine method, it may reduce the amount of medication you need to take, preventing drowsiness or stomach upset. It is not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatment of serious health issues. Always talk to your doctor about using hand reflexology golf ball methods as a treatment option to help you determine when it is appropriate and when you may need other medical attention.

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