Golf Training Tools for a Better Swing

By Jim Thomas
Video analysis is one training tool you can use to help your swing.
Video analysis is one training tool you can use to help your swing.

Golf swing training tools run the gamut from the simple to the ultra-sophisticated. You can find swing tools that help you keep the club on the correct plane, weighted swing tools that strengthen your body, swing tools to improve tempo and swing tools that focus on the correct wrist hinge. Some sophisticated swing tools dole out a bit of punishment when you fail to swing the club correctly.

Stronger Swing

By definition, a stronger swing is a better swing, since adding club head speed increases your distance. A number of swing tools are designed to improve your fitness. Look for training tools that work on both your golf swing and your fitness, such as weighted clubs for fitness, tools aimed at increasing your distance and those designed to correct swing flaws.


Proper technique enables you to hit the ball straight and far. One well-known golf tool, endorsed by Mark O'Meara, is the Medicus Training System, which features a driver and 5-iron with a hinge that "breaks" when you swing incorrectly. The Medicus helps you develop a proper swing plane. Another tool, the Tour Striker, has a reduced hitting area that helps you develop your impact position into one that closely resembles a tour player's. It's one of the top-selling lines of training clubs.


Good tempo is essential, but most training aids focus on technical swing flaws. An exception is the sophisticated devise developed by Yale physics professor and former college golfer Robert Grober. The Sonic Golf sensor is inserted into the top of a club to measure rhythm and tempo. If your swing is smooth, you're rewarded with a pleasing audio tone through your headset. If your swing is both smooth and fast, the tone gets louder in appreciation of the faster club head speed. If your tempo is not so sweet, the audio tone is more like a wail.

Video Analysis at Home

The Dancin' Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator combines swing analysis with a three-dimensional visual golf environment, all in the comfort of your own home. Optishot's swing analysis measures club head speed, face angle at impact, swing path, distance and face contact. When you're finished practicing, you can play a round of golf with your foursome using the golf simulator.

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