Golf Tips for Women

By Sharon Penn
Take lessons, choose the right clubs and practice on the driving range to lower scores.
Take lessons, choose the right clubs and practice on the driving range to lower scores.

Choosing the right golf clubs is a very important part of a woman’s golf game. Make sure your clubs are the right size and specifications for your swing speed and measurements. Learn the basics from a pro, and then practice grooving your swing so that when you get out on the golf course, the only thing left to do is hit the ball and have a good time.

Take Lessons

For beginners and high-handicap women golfers, lessons are essential. It is a lot easier to learn the setup, swing and follow-through correctly at first, than to go back and correct bad habits later. Clinics that focus on specific aspects of the golf game are good places to start. The teaching pro can give you the basics such as which grip to use, the preshot routine, the setup, the takeaway, the downswing and the follow-through. You can also pick up pointers about selecting the right clubs, golf etiquette and specialty shots like getting out of a bunker. Private lessons are good for one-on-one instruction once you have a feel for the game.

Choose the Right Equipment

All golf clubs are not the same, and women have more options today than ever before. Before choosing clubs, go to a local golf shop or retailer to determine your measurements and swing speed. In general, women have slower swing speeds than men, are shorter and have less upper body strength. High handicappers may have a problem with mishits or hitting the ball “fat.” Proper club fitting can prevent some of these problems. Choose clubs with large heads and flexible shafts. Perimeter weighting in irons will make the ball go straighter. Offset club heads are more forgiving of mishits, and woods and hybrids that have lower centers of gravity and higher lofts can help you launch the ball into the air and get more distance from your shots. Many women have taken their long irons out of their golf bags and replaced them with hybrids, which are a lot easier to hit.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you know the basics, remember that practice makes perfect. Go to the driving range to groove a swing and create muscle memory.

Set up by using the overlapping, interlocking or ten-finger grip with the club between the first and second joint of the index finger all the way back to the base of the pinkie. Make sure your posture is correct, and place the ball off the inside of the front foot for a tee shot. Align the club face and your body to the flag, and take the club back with a shoulder turn as you rotate around the spine. Take the club back to the point where the left shoulder approaches the right armpit, shifting your weight to the back leg. Begin the downswing by moving your left knee toward the target and transfer your weight to the front foot. Complete the swing with a strong follow through.

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