Golf Tips When Using a Hybrid Club

By Clint Hale
Hybrid golf clubs can work to a golfer's benefit.
Hybrid golf clubs can work to a golfer's benefit.

Blending the look and feel of a fairway woods and the functionality of irons, hybrid golf clubs have gained popularity over the past decade. But there are still plenty of golfers out there who don't know how to get the most out of their hybrid clubs on the course.

Slow and Steady Swing

Address the ball as one would if hitting a wood, and do not to try to hit it too hard. While a hybrid may not look as overpowering as a wood, a smooth, steady swing is likely to result in just as long a shot. Thanks to its lighter club head, hybrids don't require as hard a swing for an optimal result, meaning slow and steady plays to a golfer's advantage. If anything, swinging harder with a hybrid is more likely to result in a hook or slice.

Ball Placement

When swinging a hybrid club, place the ball about 2 to 3 inches in front of center. A hybrid club typically reaches the bottom of the swing a bit later than an iron, which is why it's necessary to move the ball forward. But in cases of deep rough, it's actually best to play the ball back a couple of inches to avoid getting further caught up in the rough.

Tees are OK

It is sometimes assumed hybrids are not suited to play off a tee; this is not true. It's perfectly acceptable to use a hybrid club off the tee on a long par-3 or short par-4. Hybrids tend to produce higher loft and trajectory, meaning a solid shot could very well land softly on the green with little roll, setting up a potential birdie or eagle putt.

Non-Fairway Shots

Hybrids can also be of use in the rough and on chip shots. In the rough, hybrids produce less drag than an iron, and it's easier to stay square on shots. For chip shots, choking up on a hybrid and letting the club's natural loft take over is a surefire way to be more accurate in your ball placement.

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