Golf Tips to Improve My Game

By Steve Silverman
Open your stance in a greenside bunker.
Open your stance in a greenside bunker.

If you are like most golfers, you are constantly working on your swing and trying to improve. Whether it's how to hit the ball more consistently off the tee, hit better iron shots from the fairway or the rough, putt more consistently or find a way to get out of the hazard, all golfers need the small tips to help them improve their games.

Open your stance when hitting from a greenside bunker. A "open" stance is one in which the line of your feet point well left of the target rather than parallel to the target line. You want to rotate your hips fully on shots from the sand and opening your feet will give you a greater opportunity to get your hips through the ball, which will make it go high in the air and land softly on the green.

Walk up to your ball, take one practice swing and hit the ball. Many golfers lose their confidence because they stand over the ball too long or take three or four practice swings. Instead of thinking about the shot, just hit it and you'll be better off most of the time.

Hit the smart shot. Get the ball out of the heavy rough and then go for the green on the next shot. Don't try the miraculous once-in-a-lifetime shot. When your ball is in heavy weeds and high grass, you may not want to "waste" a stroke by just getting the ball out of the high grass and punching it back into the fairway; however, that's a far better strategy than swinging and missing or swinging and hitting the ball deeper in the rough.

Imagine a 3-foot circle around the hole when you are attempting a putt of 20 feet or longer. While pros can sink two or three putts of 25 feet or longer in a given round, you probably can't. Instead of trying to putt the ball in the hole, imagine a 3-foot circle around the hole and try to get the ball close. It will help you feel more confident on the green.

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