Golf Tips for Backspin

By David Green
Hitting down on the ball helps getting it in the air quicker and faster, creating more backspin.
Hitting down on the ball helps getting it in the air quicker and faster, creating more backspin.

One of the best ways to ensure low scores during a round is leaving short putts for birdies. A key for ensuring close approach shots is the ability to land and spin the ball. Hitting a ball with backspin can help control shots and allows golfers to challenge hard-to-reach pin placements. With a few adjustments and practice, it’s possible to begin hitting shots with backspin.

Hit down

Hitting a ball with backspin occurs when the player hits down on the ball. As the club descends, the grooves will make contact with the back of the ball, producing backward rotation as the ball begins to fly. The ball will travel through the air and hopefully stop or roll backward on the green. To help visualize this motion, imagine the clubhead pinching the ball close to the point where the ball and ground meet.


Adjustments can be made to the stance to help create backspin. To help create backspin, play the ball closer to the back foot in the stance – this will help ensure that the clubhead is making contact with the ball on the downswing. Also, when lining up for the shot, stand with your feet slightly closer to one another than normal. This helps create a steeper swing arc, meaning you’ll pick up the club more quickly and hit down on the ball instead of creating a sweeping swing.

Find the fairway

An important factor for producing backspin is finding the fairway off the tee. Hitting from shorter fairway grass allows golfers to make better contact with the ball. In the rough, longer grass can get between the ball and the club at the contact point, making distance and spin control more difficult. Producing backspin can be accomplished by moving the ball back in the stance and focusing on making clean contact with the ball.


Since the grooves on the clubface must make contact with the ball to produce backspin, it is vital to play with clubs and balls that are clean and in good condition. Keep the club’s grooves clean by wiping the clubface with a towel after a shot. Also, make sure there is no damage on the outside of the golf ball. Scuffed golf balls can make it more difficult for the grooves on the clubface to create backspin.

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