Golf Swing Tips for Women

By Chris Joseph
Proper technique can lower scores.
Proper technique can lower scores.

Although women generally may not hit a golf ball as far as men, by making use of proper swing techniques you can maximize your driving distance off the tee. And when it comes to your short game where power is not an issue, perfecting a putting technique through practice can greatly improve your overall score.

Off the Tee

Despite striking the ball with a motion created by the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, the actual power of a golf swing comes from the lower body. Therefore, it is important to condition the lower body with exercises such as running, bicycling and weightlifting. As far as proper swing technique, avoid the temptation to swing too hard. You can attain maximum club head speed by making a complete turn with your hips on your backswing, then leading with your lower body when going forward. Use your hips and legs to pull the rest of your body through the swing.

From the Rough

If you find yourself in a situation where your tee shot ends up in the rough, all is not lost. A good swing can get you onto the green or fairway. The first step is to gauge how much grass will be caught between your club and the ball. The less grass in the way, the higher your shot will be and the farther the ball will travel, so you want to be sure to choose a club that will keep you from hitting the ball too softly or too hard. When swinging, choke up about an inch on the club grip and take a three-quarter backswing, while keeping your weight on your front foot.


A key to proper putting technique is to keep the body still and use only your arms, which differs from other types of swings where you rotate your body to generate power. You also want to make sure the clubface stays square to the hole throughout your swing. How hard you hit the ball will be determined in large part by how fast the green is playing.

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