Golf Swing Tips for Keeping Your Head Behind the Ball

By Steve Silverman
Keeping your head behind the ball can ensure good contact.
Keeping your head behind the ball can ensure good contact.

Positioning your head properly when you address the ball will allow you to swing the club on the correct plane and approach the ball at the optimal angle. The result is consistency and distance.

Ball Positioning

Your ball should be in the center of your stance or between the inside of your left heel and the center. If you are hitting a tee shot, move the ball to the inside of your left heel.

Power Lean

Because your right hand is lower on the club (for a right-handed golfer), your right shoulder should be slightly lower than your right and your head should follow the tilt of your shoulders. This tilt of the spine away from the target is called the "power lean." Maintain this spine angle through impact.

Check your Button

Imagine the top button of your shirt staying in the same place through the backswing, downswing and impact. Don't let the button move toward the target until after impact.

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