Golf Swing Technique

By Elizabeth Russell
Learn the proper backswing technique to get your swing on-plane.
Learn the proper backswing technique to get your swing on-plane.

Having good golf equipment is an important component to success in golf. However, if you don't have a good swing, that equipment won't get you anywhere. Aspects of a good swing include stance, back swing and follow through.


Your balance and stance directly affect the control you have on the ball. You may think that you have a great swing and can hit the ball far, which could be true, but chances are the ball will not hit your target. In order to have a proper stance, your feet should be shoulder width apart with your weight resting lightly on the balls of your feet. Turn the foot closest to your target a few inches towards the target. Turn your opposite foot towards a spot vertical of the target. Stretch out your arms and grasp the club creating a V-like shape. Make sure the club is in the center of your stance with the club face facing towards your target.

Back Swing

The back swing may not seem important, as it doesn't directly make contact with the ball, but a large percentage of your power and control is associated with it. Making sure you have a strong grip on your golf club, smoothly extend your club clockwise so that it is parallel to the ground. Bring your hands up over the shoulder that is opposite the target, and turn your back to the target as you do so. Make sure you shift your weight steadily to keep yourself balanced and your swing under control.

Follow Through

If your follow through is not precise it could ruin your whole swing. Rotate your hips towards your target and hit the ball, continuing to rotate your hips. Make sure your right shoulder is lower than your left shoulder. Your hands should end up over the shoulder closest to your target.

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