Golf Slice Tips

By George N. Root III
A slice can help you hit the ball higher than normal.
A slice can help you hit the ball higher than normal.

The slice can be one of the most frustrating things in golf. Just when you think you have everything under control, your drive goes sailing off into a slice that lands in the woods. A slice might seem like an unfixable swing killer, but with a few minor adjustments, you should be able to get your shots flying straight and on target once again.

Watch Your Feet

One of the most common causes of a slice is the placement of your feet at address. Your feet dictate how your club contacts the ball. Take your stance and place a fairway wood at your feet, pointed toward the target. When you place your feet properly, they will be lined up along that straight line made by the club. Keep your feet lined up properly, and you can start to cure your slice.

Straighten Out the Club

A slice will occur if an open club face makes contact with the ball. Professionals can use this technique to make the ball slice on purpose--amateurs do it by accident and get the same shot. Your grip can help dictate where the club face lines up when you make contact with the ball. Hold your club in your hand with your regular interlocking grip and look to see where your thumbs are. Your thumbs should be in a straight line pointing down to the top of the club head. If you line up your thumbs, the rest of your grip will fall into place.

Keep Your Head Down

Keeping your head down is the oldest cliche in golf, but there is a reason for it. When you keep your head down you are also keeping your shoulders on the proper plane for swinging the club straight. If you pick your head up during your swing, then you will also pick up your upper body. When you do that, you create an swing that goes from the outside to the inside of your stance rather than going in a straight path as it should. An outside-in swing creates a slice. Keep your head down and you can reduce your chances of slicing.

Swing Smoothly

Golf clubs are designed to get maximum effect when they strike the ball with the sweet spot of the club face. Swinging a club harder might get you more distance, but it will be in the wrong direction. Swinging too hard eliminates any chance of developing a rhythm, and you wind up bringing your club through the ball before your hips have had a chance to come all the way around. An improper weight shift due to a fast swing can cause a slice. Slow down and hit the ball with a smooth fluid motion.

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