Golf Putting Instructions

By Patrick Cameron
Address, position and stroke are vital components in good putting.
Address, position and stroke are vital components in good putting.

In golf, you score around the greens. Although driving and hitting long irons will put you in position to score and win a hole in match play, there's nothing like a confident putting stroke to get you up and down in less strokes than the other guys. In putting, there are three points that need to be addressed in order to get your putting game on track--the address, ball position and the putter stroke. Perfecting all three will put you well on your way to putting like a pro.

Set up your address position over the ball. To find the right address, stand up straight over the ball and extend your arms with your putter in your hands.

Bring your elbows in, basically connecting your upper arms to where your elbows meet your body. This will keep you steady and allow for a solid pendulum motion.

Bring your putter down until it hits the green (without releasing your body position). This is how you should line up over the ball every time.

Flex your knees slightly. Being stiff over a putt tends to lead to inconsistent results.

Find your ideal distance from front toe to the ball. You already have a general idea of proper stance, but you need to figure out the right distance for hitting the ball on line. For a professional, the typical distance is right around 2 1/2 putter lengths from the front toe to the close edge of the ball, but you need to work with what feels comfortable to you.

Line up your putter with your feet. A ball can be front, middle or back on a putt. It really depends on where your putter lines up in relation to your stance. You can try all three positions and see which works best for you.

Use a pendulum motion and a smooth backswing to putt the ball and follow through to send the ball toward the hole. Have confidence in your line from the work you've done to create the proper body and putter alignment.

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