Golf Putting Hints

By Denise Sullivan
The fastest way to lower your score is on the greens, so pay close attention to good advice.
The fastest way to lower your score is on the greens, so pay close attention to good advice.

Putting well can make or break your golf game. No matter how far you can drive the ball off the tee, you must be able to putt it into the hole to finish with a low score. To become a good putter, you must have a balanced stance that is stable throughout the swing and have the club face squared up when it contacts the ball.

Use the Right Stance

Stand with your weight evenly balanced between both feet. Align your body so there is a straight line from the center of your heels to your hips. Hold the putter with your arms and hands perpendicular to your shoulders. This will allow you to swing the putter in a straight line like a pendulum. Keep the putter handle in a straight line with your forearms to prevent your hands from moving around excessively when you swing. When you are ready to address the shot, align your head so that your eyes are lined up with the inside edge of the ball.

Keep Your Lower Body Still

A stable lower body is key to a consistent putting stroke. To practice keeping your legs from moving as you swing, take your normal putting stance, but stand the club up next to you with the handle leaning against your thigh. Mimic your putting stroke with your empty hands. If the putter slides off your thigh, your lower body is moving around too much on the swing.

Flatten Your Wrist

To hit a straight putt, the club face must remain square during the entire stroke. If the club rotates even a slight amount as you swing, the ball will come off the face at a drastically different angle than you were expecting. To correct problems with club movement, keep your non-dominant wrist flat. If you have trouble holding the wrist flat, try using a slightly shorter putter to force your arms to hang farther down. You can also adjust your stance so the ball is on the outside of your front foot.

Line up the Putt

Stand behind the ball and look toward the hole to determine the correct line for your putt. Walk to the halfway point between the ball and the hole to figure out the distance. Do not aim for the hole when you are setting up for your shot. Instead, choose a point that is a couple of feet in front of the ball and in line with the hole. If you hit this point with the proper speed, the ball will go into the hole.

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