Golf Lessons for Kids

By Robert Preston
Teaching children how to golf at a young age can be challenging, but can also create a fun parent-child pastime.
Teaching children how to golf at a young age can be challenging, but can also create a fun parent-child pastime.

While golf is a sport that is fun for all ages, there can often be difficulties in getting a child to accept golf, as it seems so drastically different from the other sports children play. By making lessons fun, you can foster a child's interest in the game, ensuring that she gives it a proper chance to determine if the game is for her or not.

Games at the Range

Using time at the range to work on a young player's swing is a great way to help him improve. However, simply treating it like lessons increases the chances of the child becoming bored or considering the game work instead of fun. Games help to keep the joy in time at the range, when there is not the payoff of finishing a hole and getting a score. Have competitions such as long-drive contests. Pick out a target for the kids to hit at, and see who can hit the ball closest to the target. The competition will make the practice feel like a game.

Mini Golf

Miniature golf is a game that is played by golfers ranging from small children to seniors. While the game can be taken at face value, as simply a fun way to spend some time with friends or family, playing miniature golf with children is also a great way to get them to work on their game without even realizing it. The more time a child spends using a putter, the more comfortable she will become with it. While you are not likely to run into a windmill when out on the course, the experience of repeatedly sinking the shorter putts that conclude every miniature golf hole will help the child develop comfort hitting the kind of putts that many adult golfers struggle with.

Pitch and Putt

Pitch and putt golf courses are short courses which can be completed by an adult using no more than a wedge or high iron and a putter. Pitch and putts make for great starter courses for young players, as the rounds are shorter, and the lower par means that the child's overall score will be lower than on a full-length course. For young children, a pitch and putt course can also provide them with the opportunity to hit some of their longer clubs, simulating the experience of playing a full course.

Twilight Rounds

Twilight rounds are a great way to introduce a child to playing on a full-length course. Twilight rounds are rounds which began after a set time, and are offered at a discount rate. Some courses will have tiers of twilight, with the cost going down the later you start. Twilight rounds are cheaper because they do not have a guarantee you will get the whole round in before dark, however they can offer valuable experience to a young player at an economically prudent rate.

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