Golf Instructions for Women

By Sharon Penn
Women golfers should learn from a teaching professional.
Women golfers should learn from a teaching professional.

The best way for women to learn golf is to learn from a pro. LPGA teaching professionals understand that some women who wish to learn golf may not have participated in sports previously, and may not be aware of concepts such as weight shift and ball trajectory. By learning the basics correctly from the beginning, women can avoid bad habits and get off to a good start on the golf course.

Sign up for group lessons at first to learn the basics of the golf swing like the proper grip and stance. The instructor can tell you the difference between golf clubs, and make recommendations for you to purchase a golf set based on your swing speed and abilities. You can also begin to learn the proper swing in group lessons, along with golf etiquette.

Establish a pre-shot routine to keep you focused on the golf shot. Select the appropriate club, check your grip, and make sure your feet are shoulder-distance apart for a drive off the tee. Make sure the ball is positioned off the inside of the front foot. Assume the correct posture by keeping your knees soft and bending toward the ball, with your arms hanging down without tension.

Survey the golf shot to establish a target line. Notice if the fairway curves to the right or the left, or if it tilts in one direction or another. If the wind is blowing from left to right, you will want to compensate by aiming slightly left. If there is a hazard or obstruction in the way of your shot, you may want to hit short or “lay up” to avoid it. Set an intermediary target between the ball and the target to keep you on track.

Square the club to the target and begin your backswing by making a shoulder turn around your spine. Keep the club even with your belt buckle as you take the club back away from the target. Your weight will shift to the back foot, and your wrists will cock at 90 degrees at the top of the swing.

Begin the downswing by shifting your weight toward the front foot by moving your legs and your hips toward the target. Your arms and the club will uncoil for a strong swing through the ball. Finish the shot by following through with your back heel up and your back toe pointed downward.

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