Golf Instruction Training Aids & Useful Tips

By George N. Root III
Get some practice balls for your yard so you can practice when you don't have time to drive to the range.
Get some practice balls for your yard so you can practice when you don't have time to drive to the range.

In golf it always helps to have an edge. Sometimes your edge can be a special piece of equipment you train with or some advice that helps you keep a focus on your game. Whether you want to improve your game to lower your score or you want to win a few skins in your next weekend rounds, there are some training aids and tips you can use to help you reach your goals.

Swing Trainer

If you have been to a golf store lately you may have seen a large hoop mounted on a stand called a swing trainer. The purpose of these devices is to get you used to swinging in a straight line as opposed to inside-out or outside-in. These devices are extremely effective at creating the feel of a good swing. If you train on them enough you begin to expect to feel the club hit the hoop when you make a bad swing even when the hoop is not there. Start out nice and slow with the swing trainer and after a while you will be able to tell what a straight swing is supposed to feel like whenever you swing the club.

Golf Course Management

Most weekend golfers are unfamiliar with the idea behind golf course management. This is not about the person that runs the golf course; it is about staying focused on what is important when you are playing. If you try to beat your opponent rather than play the golf course within your own abilities, then you will lose every time. It is easy to get caught up in the shots your opponent is making, and your competitive urges start pushing you to drive further than your opponent does. What you should be doing is examining each hole to determine what is the best way to reach the green in regulation, and set yourself up for a birdie putt. You manage the golf course based on your own skills. If your opponent drives the ball over a creek 250 yards away, that does not mean you have to do the same, especially if you are not able to hit the ball 250 yards off the tee. Play the golf course using your skill set, and let your opponent play his own game.

Practice Golf Balls

If you do not own a bag of light, plastic practice golf balls then you should get one. You do not always have the time to get to the practice range to work on your swing or break in a new club. For those times you want to swing the club but cannot get to the range you should be using plastic practice balls. Plastic practice balls are not great for putting, but if you want to hit something that will closely mimic the flight of a real golf ball while in the privacy of your own backyard, then plastic practice balls are perfect.

Hum a Tune

Sometimes you can feel yourself speeding up your swing and, no matter how hard you try, you cannot find your rhythm. In most cases you should take a deep breath and then use the rhythm of your breathing to find your tempo. But if that fails to work you should try humming a tune that has a steady beat to it. A waltz works great if you know any, or you can use a slow country song as well. Humming a tune can help you get your rhythm back, and it can also help to calm you down.

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