Golf Glove Tips

By William McCoy
Some golfers store their golf glove in a back pocket while putting.
Some golfers store their golf glove in a back pocket while putting.

If you haven't played a round of golf while wearing a golf glove, consider doing so to provide a different feel during drives and approach shots. Golfers who wear gloves on their non-dominate hand for a variety of reasons. Trying one out will give you a different grip on the club that might make it easier to swing.


The main reason to wear a golf glove is to enhance your grip on the club. When you tee off without a golf glove, your sweaty hands can allow the club to slip. The leather palm and fingers of a golf glove adhere well to the rubber or leather grip of your clubs, helping you keep the club firmly in your hands.


Putting is the type of golf stroke that requires the most feel. Try removing your golf glove before putting. Without the glove, you have more of a soft touch, which is especially necessary to avoid hitting putts too hard. Because you aren't swinging your putter with the same velocity as your driver, the grip benefits of the golf glove aren't as necessary. If your hands are excessively sweaty, wipe them on your golf towel before putting.


When shopping for a golf glove, look for one with features that accommodate your needs. If you have long fingernails, choose a glove with slits at the ends of the fingers to allow for nails to poke through. If you wear a large ring while golfing, such as an engagement ring, look for a glove with a small slit for the stone on the ring finger. Some gloves are equipped with a detachable ball marker for convenience while putting.


Playing with a golf glove that is too tight or too loose can hamper your game negatively. When trying on a glove, select one that is snug but still loose enough to allow you to move your hand with ease. Your fingers should fit snugly, and the material across the palm of the glove should be taut rather than wrinkled. If you have short fingers and wide palms, try a cadet-style glove, which is shaped for this type of hand.

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