Golf Fitness Tips

By Michael Joseph
Lunges strengthen your hips, which are so important to the golf swing.
Lunges strengthen your hips, which are so important to the golf swing.

Golf club and ball technology is slowly starting to max out on adding extra yards. Golfers will have improve their bodies and technique in order to continue to perform at peak performance. When focusing on fitness to improve your golf swing, there are a few areas of focus. Strengthening your wrists, forearms and hands will allow for better control over the golf club and increased club speed. Abdominal and lower back muscles are critical for maintaining balance and creating torque. Finally, stretching your hips will help maximize your turn and generate more power.

Wrists, Hands and Forearms

Dumbbell curls are a great wrist and forearm exercise. Begin with a very light weight, 3 to 5 lb. Sit down and rest your forearm on your thigh so that your hand hangs freely over your knee. With your palm facing down, curl your wrist up and then all the way back down. Do the same exercise starting with your palm facing up. This will work both sides of the wrist and forearm. A great hand exercise is to simply squeeze a tennis ball or racquetball. There is also hand gripping equipment you can buy cheaply which work your hands, wrists and forearms. One popular piece of equipment is the Wrist Ripper.


Lunges will both strengthen and stretch your hips. Stand up straight and keep your back straight and chest high throughout the exercise. Simultaneously step forward with one leg and squat down so that the back knee lowers towards the ground. The forward leg should create a 90 degree angle at the knee. Pause briefly and step back to starting position. Now lunge with other leg, continue to rotate for 10 repetitions per leg. Another good hip exercise is using either ankle weights or a resistance band. Stand up straight holding on to something for balance if necessary. Keep your leg straight, but knee not locked, lift your leg about 2 feet high. If you are using resistance bands, you can step on one end or strap it to your other leg. Do the legs lifts forward, backward and out to the side. That will work different areas of your hip. Start with 10 repetitions in each direction with each leg.

Abdominals and Lower Back

There is actually a fun exercise that works your abs, back and improves your balance. Place two balance disks on the ground at shoulder width distance. Stand on the discs and get into your setup position. Maintain your balance on the soles of your feet. Slowly squat lower while keeping your back and posture in the same position. Hold and return to setup position. When inflated properly, the disks will have some give which cause your ab and lower back muscles to engage to keep your balance. Once comfortable with two discs, do the same exercise with both feet on one disc. You will not be able to stand in your normal setup, just keep your back straight. Lastly, try balancing one foot on one disc. After finishing these exercises go swing a golf club and you will feel so much more balanced.

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